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Teen Flirt

Our Main chat room. Usually 100+ users. This room is moderated

We have several Teen chat rooms to meet the needs of almost anyone looking for a good chat on the web. All of our chats and services are totally 100% FREE and supported by our sponsors. We bring you a complete online people connection community with chat, message boards, email and more! Our chat rooms are the most advanced Java based chatrooms on the web today offering features like person 2 person chat which allow you to chat privately with a member in a separate window while still being able to chat in the public room. Profiles allows you to register your nick name so that no one else can use it, while putting in a description of yourself, your homepage url and email address for easy access.

Safety First: People on the chat line only know as much information about you as you let them know. Please never give out personal information about yourself such as phone number or address.

Respect: Please treat all other chatters here with respect! Everyone is here to have a good time and have some fun. Do not type in all CAP letters or flood the screen with your text. This may cause you to be kicked from the room by the room moderator.


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Want to leave a message for someone that chats here? Or just have something to say? say it here.

Teen Chat

A fun place to hang out. Also moderated with over 100+ chatters.

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A smaller room for those who don't like a big crowd. Lightly moderated.


Need help? Join our chat help room with live help!


A good general chat. Lightly moderated.

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Younger Teens Chat

A Good chat for those ages 13-15. Heavily Moderated.

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